Full-time enrollment is not our school’s only option. If you’re looking to supplement your child’s traditional brick-and-mortar education or add to your homeschool program, you can enroll your student in individual courses. There are many reasons students take a single online course through Rise International college. They can:
  • Achieve a competitive advantage for college applications with our AP and Honors courses
  • Try a new world language or take languages courses not available at their local school
  • Retake courses to catch up with peers, build self-esteem, and graduate on time
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts in their daily school schedule
  • Get a jump start on a career with one or more of our compelling electives
  • Fill a “void” if art, music, or other vital subjects aren’t offered locally

Whether you enroll in several individual courses or just one, your student is considered a part-time student at our school, so you’ll still get all the great online tools and resources. Upon finishing a course, part-time students receive a certificate of completion for the purpose of obtaining credit from their full-time school or district.