Measuring Success

The goal of Rise International College is to launch individuals with the capacity to lead an authentic life and leave their own unique mark on the world. Strong test scores and matriculation to college or work can be indicators of success, but they are not the sole, or even primary benchmarks against which we measure the success.

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We serve a broad and dynamic student population, and we value and celebrate a broad and holistic definition of success. We use multiple measures of success to build a robust understanding of each student, from academic outcomes to well-being and life satisfaction, and empower each student through multiple opportunities for self-reflection and evaluation of progress. We also survey our parents to hear their thoughts about RISE’s impact on their student and family.

Defining Success

Success is when students leave RISE with the confidence and foundational knowledge and skills to take on new challenges and pursue their dreams; the curiosity to explore; a sense of their own creativity; self-awareness; a commitment to physical, social, and emotional health; and a passion to engage with community.

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When students and their families leave RISE with more joy and love in their lives than when they came to us – that is success.