Mission & Accreditation


To become a globally recognized education provider that can create lifelong learners and globally competent students, who are ready to use technology to pursue their future careers and build their communities.


Provide education that makes our students happy and competitive.
Provide a balance between learning and fun.
Bring individualized learning to all our students.
Provide life experience and career and college preparation.
Remove barriers that keep our students from reaching their true potential.


At Rise we are in the process of pursuing Accreditation as an assurance of our school's academic excellence. Our school provides a high-quality education endorsed by the education world. As a candidate school, Rise International College offers courses and a U.S. diploma accepted globally by schools, colleges, universities, and employers.
Accreditation is an official endorsement of the academic and operational excellence of schools. Accrediting bodies provide official review of school policies, procedures, academic and faculty expertise, course content and rigor, and school environment. Accreditation provides assurance that your coursework through Rise International College is valid, recognized, and transferable.