Tuition Fees

Rise Value Educational Package

RISE student support program (RSSP) offers students excellent educational value with an affordable package to enable them to get back to their education track.

Virtual School Tuition

Our program is teacher-led synchronous virual classroom and it is composed of two Semesters to collectively form a full-year course. Each semester consists of approximately 60 hours of coursework (Live attendance, Videos, Assignments, and Assessment).

Elementary School:

Tuition for a Full-year Course that is composed of the two semesters combined is $********* total.

Middle & High School:

Tuition for the each Semester Course (0.5 Credit) separately is $***********.
Tuition for a Full-year Course (1.0 Credit) that is composed of the two semesters combined is $*********** total.

Learning Material

All course materials are available online on our Learning Management System (Rise-LMS), where all assignments and exams are submitted and corrected electronically.

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