Personalized Learning

A Completely Personalized Learning Experience

Personalization goes beyond the curriculum covered in our one-to-one classrooms, it is incorporated into every part of the educational experience. During the initial meeting with your family, we will talk about hopes and goals for your school choice and work together to create a path that makes sense for you.

Schedules can be customized, based on availability, for time of day or year that work best for your student and family. During sessions our teachers personalize teaching style and subject matter to suit each individual student. Students revisit and reassess goals throughout the school year with their lead teacher, who has collaborated with other teachers to create a complete support team.

Bloom’s Two Sigma Problem

Educational Psychologist Benjamin Bloom published a study demonstrating that one-to-one instruction results in student outcomes two standard deviations higher than group instruction. His research shows that the average student receiving one-to-one instruction will outperform 98 percent of all other students in traditional group instruction. He considered it a problem that no method of instruction is as effective as one-to-one.

What Our Learning Plan Looks Like

With our new technology of digitizing the personalized learning plan, each student will follow a tailored path typical to the One student and One teacher per session approach. Teachers personalize instruction for every child’s unique strengths, interests, and learning style.

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